12 foot Jerusalem Artichoke on The Farmer’s Grove, great food and biomass

permaculture farm in southeast

On The Farmer’s Grove we grow a lot of Jerusalem Artichokes for a couple of good reasons. Fist Jerusalem Artichokes are a great root crop that is a perennial. Not only does it expand itself without replanting every year in our regenerative system. They are good to eat and are ready to pick in the winter when a lot of other products are not available.

Another reason we love Jerusalem Artichokes is the biomass. They get big and have a hard but hollow steam that makes a great chop and drop plant. Just by the make up of the stalk, soil organism love the hollow stalks to build Bactria and fungal condominiums.

last but not least, by growing so much of this plant, we can have roots to sell or trade with other land owners, to get more of this amazing plant on more and more properties.

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