Welcome to the Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden Podcast.

tennessee permaculture

Your host is Clint Locklear from The Farmer’s Grove permaculture Farm.

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The mission for the podcast is simple. We are sold 100% on permaculture and regenerative farming and gardening. Not only do we see the full potential of permaculture and design ecology horticulture we have the calluses on our hands and soil under our fingernails as proof we living within our ecology in our systems. Because we live the way we do in the soil, we want to share the joys that comes from working with our environment not fighting it. We are busy, but happy because the regenerative aspect of our farming give us a long term purpose.

Ok, we like to farm, garden, design and grow things, but what is the podcast all about?

we will be covering topics such as, design, long term thinking, soil building, fertility beds, cover crops, income streams, plants, fruit trees, food forest, ethics, business, marketing, critical thinking, chickens, ducks, ponds, mulch, sales, design priorities, swales, keyline, compost, wood chips, permaculture motivation, hugelkultur, organic food, starting seeds, plant propagation, back yard nursery, permaculture zones, regenerative farming, nitrogen fixers, support trees, individual freedom, cooperation, ponds, bio char, mushrooms, forest gardening, silvo pasture, natural farming and much much more!