Diversity is death for a Permaculture Community, Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden podcast 9

Diversity is death for a Permaculture Community, Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden podcast 9


The purpose of a permaculture community? It seems to me that folks want to join a community to practice permaculture in peace and enjoy the benefits of like minded designers that can band together to share ideas and help each other out with labor. A community has many benefits than friends bathing in permaculture. It could really cut down on the resources each member needs to spend, if they decide to split the cost of tools and machines. This is a very cool way to cut down on the money each member needs to reach their goals. I could go on with all the benefits of one wanting to be in a community. If a community has so many benefits, why do most fall apart? Where is the utopia of permaculture in these communities? I don’t think permaculture is the issue, people are the problem. More than that, allowing diversity in a community is one of the major problem with a healthy long lived community. I will make the argument that diversity is death for a permaculture community.
Keep in mind, I reject the idea that skin color or place of birth has anything to do with diversity or lack of it.

2 thoughts on “Diversity is death for a Permaculture Community, Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden podcast 9

  1. Clint,

    I hope this is the right place to leave a comment about diversity being the death of a permaculture community.

    I have been a subscriber to your YouTube channel for a while now and really enjoy your videos about thinking like a permaculture entrepreneur but I have a feeling that for me this may be your most important video so far. I have recently been in contact with people in regards to trying to assist older farmers find solutions when they need to sell their farm and matching them with people who want to farm but can’t afford the ridiculously high farm land prices we have here.

    In particular I have been in consultation with the founder of a potential eco village (on an old farm) who would like me to take over from him to get the project off the ground as he is 72 and feels a younger person would be better suited. I also have discussed the potential of multiple people leasing of another womans land who just wants to spend the remainder of her life with people who have a similar way of looking at the world. I have been a bit hesitate as I doubted the ability to screen people well enough to prevent the whole thing falling apart.

    You have given me so many insights and thoughts and I realised while watching the video that you seem to think a bit like Allen Savory’s “Holistic Management”. I have been wondering how to match my formal holistic mgmt training with my informal permaculture training. I think you have just given me part of the answer.

    Thanks Clint for the great information

    1. If you take on that project, I wish you well. I have no doubt that a community can work and be what folks want. I do think that having the ability to cut loose people that are destructive to the community. This will be hard and a learning on going exercise. Honesty from everyone will be key and that is hard to get from groups. I will say that there will be a leader, there always is in every group. This does not matter who is in “charge”. I don’t see how voting works unless the rules are ethics and people vote to see if action or person meets the ethics and morals of the group. I would contact Paul Wheaten, he has learned a lot and has been in several communities.

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