How to grow Paw Paw trees, a Permaculture Regenerative way with fertility beds

paw paw tree fruit growing

When I observe where and how Paw Paw trees thrive, I see some of the same natural patterns over and over again. They like rich soil, lots of mulch and being next to moister source. Paw Paw trees are mostly found in nature, on the high banks of creeks and rivers or next to low spots in the woods. Of course the creeks and rivers have water, but low spots hold on the water as well. How can we design the paw paw needs into a planting method. After a lot of thought, a fertility bed or a banana circle.

If you dig a bed that meets your area, shape I don’t think has to be a circle. Dig the bed 2 feet in depth and pile the soil you dug out and ring the bed to make a berm of soft soil. Plant your paw paw trees in the berm. Fill the fertility bed with all manners of organic matter. Lots of wood, brush, hay, leaves, grass clippings, etc. Fill up the bed to the top of the berm with all the organic material. I would say 70% woody material and only 30% green material will give you a great fungal growing medium for the Paw Paw trees.

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