Making compost with trash cans with the help of Harvest Grocery in Chattanooga TN

We are stoked that we have the privilege to pick of the organic waste from Harvest Grocery in Chattanooga TN. Depending on the pick day and the amount of waste product we get, depends on the rate of compost we can make. Let me tell you one thing, our chickens and the …..Waddle Brigade….or ducks have learned to recognize the red trash cans we bring back from Harvest Grocery. The both come a running and waddling so see what treats they have today. The chickens and ducks are part of our permaculture system to build soil. The chickens do their thing, which is acting like a happy healthy chickens is to peck and scratch everything up. So they turn the compost pile for us. The ducks push their beaks in to the pile and push the organic matter deep into the pile. Plus both chickens and ducks poop on the pile as they work, manure is a key component to great compost. Then we have a system in place to run the duck pond water into and through the compost pile to get even more nutrients into the organic matter. Our permaculture systems allow us too use the habits of our birds to replace a pitch fork or a machine. This is why we are a permaculture farm, we find it is better to work within the systems of nature than spend our energy fighting natural systems.

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