Regenerative Permaculture Creative income Flash 1, Chickens stop cars and ask for food or bio mass for farmer or gardener.

Regenerative Permaculture Farm and garden Creative income Flash 1, Chickens stop cars and ask for food or bio mass for farmer or gardener.

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One of many creative ways to bring income, savings, materials, bio mass or value to your farm or garden from seeing income and marketing from a creatives view point.

A mom is going to pick up her children at the local school. On the way she see’s a trailer, with wood sides on the side of the road. This is not why she perked up. She see’s a 4 foot x 4 foot clear, bright sharp photo of some feeding chicken and one cute chicken looking right at her at she drive close. Then she sees the text. Me and my sisters would love to eat your old pumpkins at our Sunday Tea party. The mom almost has to smile as she thinks about the pumpkins that are sitting on her steps that are past due for Halloween or Thanksgivings decorations. So the next time she drives this way, she stops at the trailer to drop off 5 big pumpkins that where in her way. As she steps out of the car and brings over the first pumpkin, she is telling the chickens, she hope they enjoy the pumpkins at their Sunday tea party. This is where she sees a smaller sign that explains where the pumpkins are going,…your farm or garden. She learns of someone that is using the pumpkins instead of letting this great resource end up rotten in a dump. She also learns about…your farm or garden…and what are the different ways you will use the gift she is sharing with in her own community. Some will will be treats for the chickens, cows or pigs. Some will be composted to build the best soil so ….your farm or garden can supply the highest quality nutrient dense food for your local families. The mom, smiles again, she now sees how her simple action today, it for a good cause and for her community. The she pulls out her smart phone to take a photo of the sign to share this local farm or garden to her social media and maybe the local paper. She also takes the pic, because she wants to know more about this local family farm or garden that wants to do the right thing. She is thinking, this is the type of farm I would want to buy from and check out.

We each as a gardener or farmer can find creative ways to add value, resources and even income. This concept came to me from a phone call from a lady in town that knew that I composed. She told me I was welcome to her pumpkins that are no longer wanted after Thanksgiving, because they where for decoration.

What farm would not want great organic matter for composting or for free animal feed. I’m sure if you think about this, you kind find ways to use products like this in your own system.

How you approach this will be key. You don’t have to use my sign idea. You can come up with a better way I’m sure. But you need to figure out how to grab someones attention, make them smile and want to be part of the recycling program you are setting up. What you DO NOT want to do, is throw up a sloppy hand painted sign or say something to shame them into working with you. This, as in all marketing needs to be for the customers, not an environmental  agenda or some kind of manipulation.

The advantage is several fold. One, you receive some great organic material. Two, you give your local community a way to start working with a farm or garden. Three, great advertising that is really cheap to you, but can lead to some interesting places on social media. Four, not waste a resource. Five, cut feed cost. Six, build social capital in your local area. Seven, meet new folks. Eight, get some new customers.

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