Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden Podcast intro.

This is a introduction to the Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden podcast. My name is Clint Locklear. I thought I would introduce myself and what this podcast will and will not be about. As you will see, we will focus on design, growing, ecological permaculture systems, building soil with regenerative practices and building revenue streams. Besides to growing and design topics, I just wanted to explain that the tone and language might be different than you may be used too on a lot of permaculture or sustainable podcast. You see I am not a feeling based liberal, so I don’t talk or think like one. I do a lot of hippie farming, but am a full blown unapologetic volunteerist and love real freedom based capitalism.
My goal is to have a podcast for the folks out there that do not like the extreme liberal slant that is added to every aspect of permaculture. So you will notice that we do not play the virtue signaling, politically correct perma police game. I plan on spending a lot of time to help others build a personal business within permaculture and regenerative agriculture. I think permaculture is a action verb, not a noun. So we will be, get off your butt and make something happen mood, in the real world that we live in today. Simple is always the best design and proactive thinking is always better than complaining or seeing the world in a victim mentality. So if you are liberal, please understand I do not hate you or am I attacking you. You keep rocking on doing what you think is right and I will do the same. Regardless if you full blown socialist or communist, we both can promote permaculture is our own ways to our own kind of people. No matter what our politics are, lets both put permaculture into practice and turn the world permaculture!


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4 thoughts on “Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden Podcast intro.

  1. Mr Locklear thanks for put this podcast up.I am starting a market garden for a income.
    Two things I’m having to is my soil. The land I have was my grand fathers,he farmed it.after he passef this ground has sit for 25 yrs.
    Now I have it dont know sqwat about gardening. I am learning.
    The second thing I know I’ll have to learn is how to bring in customer’s too buy what I plan on selling.
    On the business side, I am blind as a bat when come to business.I dont know the first thing about how to pull coustmers intoo buy.

  2. Hi Clint!

    Love the podcasts and videos. Is there any other way to get in touch with you, email etc? Or another website to follow? I love your style and want to learn as much as possible! I think I need a permaculture nursery for sure now.

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