Regenerative Permaculture podcast, income flash 3, how to make 50% to 100% more money from your crops

Regenerative Permaculture podcast, income flash 3, how to make 50% to 100% more money from your crops by thinking with a box

regenerative permaculture podcast

We each have a choice as too how we market our produce, crops and herbs. Everyone has a equal ability to make more or less for or labor and products. There is the simple standard way one could sale a tomato. It could be a road stand, farmers market, restaurants, or wholesale. Nothing is wrong to sell products this way, but is it the best way to maximize profits? It could be or you can get creative and make way more money by thinking inside of a box.

What can you sell a tomato for? This will vary from city to city and state to sate. Of course we have to think about retail and wholesale prices. Lets say you grow 1000 tomatoes for $4.00 each which is a gross of $4,000.00. For you to make $8,000.00 with this model, you must sell 2,000 tomatoes. That is a lot of extra physical work to go from 1,000 to 2,000 tomatoes. What if you could grow 1,000 tomatoes and make the $8,000.00. this is hard to do if you look at your business in a standard small grower fashion. There are many ways to do this by giving your customers more value and they will be willing and happy for you to charge them more for your tomatoes. Lets look at one way, shall we.

Market too foodies, this is not a per pound market or a dollar per calorie market. A foodie looks at food as a journey and exploration of sensation. This is a major market, that we the producers are making this market work too hard to meet their needs.

So here is the plan, but not THE plan. Plug and play plans never work out the best.

There are thousands of tomatoes out there. Most are heirloom. What if you marketed a foodie heirloom tomato variety experience. This could be a by-weekly or weekly journey for the foodie to look forward too. You would need to the limit the subscription number to meet what you can realistic service. Lets say each week the foodie gets 3-6 heirloom tomatoes shipped to them or can be picked up if local. This offering will never be the same tomatoes, each one has a history and a story that you will supply. This story will give the tomatoes more value and is easy to get with a simple internet search and printed off.

What kind of income our we talking about. Around here, wholesale tomatoes go for around $2-$3 a pound during the height of the summer months. So these are the number we will use, but every local economy is different on prices. so we will market our subscription for $6.00 per pound. This will double the income per pound of tomatoes. It gets interesting when you figure up a number of subscriptions for a gross income.

For a bi-monthly subscription over four months equals 8 offerings at $24.00 plus shipping. 50 subscriptions equals $9,600. 100 subscriptions equals $19,200 and 200 subscriptions equals $38,400.

For a weekly experience, 50 subscriptions equals $19,200. 100 subscriptions equals $38,400. 200 subscriptions equals $76,800.

This does not include any added value sales, but strictly for the subscription price.

You may or may not have a extra added value in the subscription, but it could be like this. They get to pick their 4 tomato varieties they like the best and would like to grow. You will send them the seeds for free, they pay the shipping. These will cost you nothing, because you will save the seeds yourself from your tomatoes. Or better yet, they have the opportunity to buy the plants from you, because they will not find them locally. You will require that the customer order their plants by Christmas, so you know how many and what kinds of tomatoes you need to grow. This will make the income value of the  individual customer be higher to you, over if they just bought the tomatoes. The total amount of money one customer spends will be higher and it is easy to sell to happy customers. It cost more money and time to gain a new customer.  This is a very important aspect of maximizing profits.

Please keep in mind, this does not need to be you whole business, it is just a income stream of the business. Plus nothing says you cant offer this same concept for other, produce, herbs or fruit. The only limiting factors is your creativity and energy level.  The better you market this to foodies, the more subscriptions you will sale. If you suck at marketing and are lazy or un-inspiring with your marketing, you will struggle with this concept. You can learn to market and paint a riveting story with your videos and content.

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