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Two year old permaculture system at The Farmer’s grove on slope

permaculture farm on slope

Only two seasons from a abused horse pasture too what you see in the photo. This is what a permaculture system can look like in very short order, even on a slope. We designed this system to work with nature to start an living ecology. As you can see with this part farm, it is a tree system that will produce some amazing fruit in the near future. We are building soil with rotations of cover crops year round. We also follow the pattern of nature by having maximum edge effect for great diversity of plant, animal life and using maximum solar gain. We have also stopped the devastating effects of erosion on a farmed slope by using very old technology as simple as placement of logs and rocks too digging micro swales that will slow and sink the water and nutrients into the slope.

Cool season cover crops on The Farmer’s Grove, permaculture in Tennessee

 cover crops in tennessee


One of the way we build soil is with cool season cover crops. This year we have tillage radishes, winter oats, winter wheat, rye, purple vetch and crimson clovers. This was done in the natural farming principles from the great book, The One Straw Revolution. We did not spray and chemicals, add chemical fertilizer, plow or anything else that would hurt or soil life. This is important too us at The Farmer’s Grove because the more life that is in our soil, the more nutrient dense our crops, nuts and fruits are.

Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden podcast 2, natural farming, cover crops, building soil


Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden podcast 2, natural farming, cover crops, building soil

This week on the Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden Podcast we look at natural farming. A few things first about Natural Farming that seems to get lost when getting involved with a simple natural approach to farming. We talk about not just following a system of someones you read about. Every system need to be put in personal perspective and context. An example of this is seed balls.
Then we get into regenerative soil building with cover crops. I received a message about this and thought we could cover the topic better than we could with a short message. Cover crops can jump start any system if done in a productive way. I don’t use a tractor, because I follow the Natural Farming mindset. I broadcast seeds by hand and always try to have a plan that helps me instead of fighting me. We will cover how I have found to grow cover crops in a certain order to get a great result. Then, as in permaculture, we want our personal systems to recycle its own energy and nutrients. What are some ways we can help our farm or gardens reach this goal.

Correction in podcast. The farm I’m talking about is Japan is 1.25 acre. In the podcast I got mixed up in my hand with some other system I have been looking into. Sorry about this, but I’m human.