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The Farmer’s Grove can be enjoyed in the winter by dehydrating oregano and other herbs

local organic herbs from farm

Sometimes we always have a surplus with our herbs. If you grow more herbs than you can eat or cook with fresh, don’t let them go to waste. What we do is pick the herbs and then dehydrate them in our dehydrator. You will be amazed at the super fresh flavor when you processes your own herbs from healthy plants. Sure herbs when picked right out of your yard tastes 10 times better than old stale herbs you buy at the store. The same is true if you dehydrate your own herbs. You know the source and the quality, because of the higher oil content that will be clear when you cook with your high quality ingredients. This higher oil content equals more flavor. Commercial large scale herb farms use a pile of synthetic inputs that grow a large plant. What these chemicals can’t do is supply the herbs with the micro nutrients that give the herbs a explosion of flavor in your food or teas.