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Farm and Garden income flash 4, Build Chicken and Duck houses for high profit and cash flow

Farm and Garden income flash 4, Build Chicken and Duck houses for high profit and cash flow with permaculture design for home owners


This may seem like a off the wall income idea, but not if you keep a few things in mind. Don’t forget how important cash flow is on a farm. Cash flow will be high on the sucky scale early in the spring and winter. So your job is to figure out a form of income before the produce and fruit is ready for the market.Cash flow is king and the life blood of a business.

Most new backyard chickens owners will get their chickens in the early spring when they see them in farm stores. Once they decide they want to get some girls, they will realize they need a chicken house. The same goes for ducks and duck houses. So they see the dinky ugly cheap chicken mass marketing houses. They will want better, so fill this void.

A nice, cute well designed custom chicken or duck house will bring $500 to $2,500. This may seem high to you and you might never spend that kind of money on a chicken house, you are NOT your customer. Don’t confuse you or your friends with the market. The nicer and more creative you are in building a chicken or duck house, the more you can charge for it.

Let’s say you are building and selling a $1,000 chicken house and your cost is about $500.00. You could build one or two houses a week and bring in an extra $500 to $1,000 an week when the farm or garden is slow and income is low. You will need to know your true coat to build the houses. Without this number, you are guessing on what you should be charging or if you need to adjust the supplies cost in some way. If you don’t know the true cost, how in the world would you know if this idea is worth you doing. Keep in mind this is an income stream. Saying that, I have talked to a couple of local folks that make a living from this. They stay so busy that the waiting list is weeks to months long. That shows the demand from backyard chicken and duck owners.