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Paw paw Trees and creative food forest on the cheap, Regenerative Permaculture Farm & Garden Podcast 18

Paw paw Trees and creative food forest on the cheap, Regenerative Permaculture Farm & Garden Podcast 18


Paw Paw trees are are a great regenerative and permaculture tree for many reasons. It can feed you, makes great beer and ice cream, plus it can be a farm and garden income. We look at starting them from seeds, propagation, grafting and how many paw paw trees per acre you can plant. we talk about the standard orchard layout and a more diverse way to set up the fruit farm or food forest. we cover a lot of ground on the paw paw from places that sell them and what you need to keep in mind.

Then we look at a way to use and buy property to get a jump start on a established food forest or a fruit farm income stream. Not only can you learn to look at trees on a property for yourself, but a way to make income from this strategy. farming skills and grafting tree skills can produce income for the person that looks at his or her business in a different way.

Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden podcast 7, Food Forest, Forest Garden and Silvo pasture implementation

Food Forest, Forest Garden and Silvo pasture implementation in a simple way as not to overwhelm a new person in permaculture with information overload.


permaculture and regenerative farming information is great at getting an person excited about the big picture of building these systems. So a person is fired up with the big picture, but can freak out when it comes time to break ground on a new system from scratch. Big ideas are awesome and fun, but implementation of the system is a different game than thinking big. So we are going to look at the permaculture food forest and lay out a few different ways to get the system up and running without the panic or self questioning. regenerative permaculture should be a joy to practice, and this comes from having an implementation plan.

Growing food and lush permaculture gardens in the front yard, why not?

Last weekend I was part of a family trip to an Amish farmers market in east Tennessee. Had a good time, even picked up some black raspberry plants to add to my growing berry collection. Part of permaculture is observing, and I personally enjoy looking, thinking, wondering and trying to connect the dots.

Clints permaculture gardenThis Amish community looked to be a step above a lot of other Amish communities I have seen over the years. Step up, may not be right, but it was set up very different than any I have seen. The community had a road that took the customers winding through the community. Sure they had the horse draw plows in the fields and the big cool barns. The crops looked great and no power lines were to be found. The difference was the family plots where smaller and way more diverse. This was not the normal big corn look, it had more of a home stead feel. It was not classic permaculture, but not far off. The plants and trees were planted with an ease to harvest for each home. The homes all had chickens, fruit tree orchards, vegetable gardens and grapes for home use. Some had family green house, some had a lot of green houses. To be blunt, they had it going on and it gave one a calming feeling just to be driving through there community. It was high on the coolness scale and the customers were pointing, smiling, gushing with joy as they drove by each plot.

From my observation, comes confusion.

People seem to enjoy almost love seeing a productive nice looking properties. People flock to see great landscaping, gush over locally grown food, watch shows on TV about landscaping and talk about one day having a garden or living on a little farm in the country. The reality is very different. They live, maintain and work in sterol yards. The have mostly unproductive grass that they slave over. Yards look like they come from a drab factory that looks the same mile after mile. This is very confusing to me.

How can this be, they go on vacations to see beauty and then return home to boring. What is more strange to me is how so many will think it is strange for a yard like mine that is diverse, blooming with color and food. They pay money to see great diversity outside of their everyday life. Then almost fight to keep boring in their own yard. The disconnect is between seeing beauty somewhere else, but it is not for everyday enjoyment.

To be honest, people as a whole confuse me greatly. I’m sure some are confused by me,so everything is equal. I guess. People are individuals, but are very tribal and group acting at the same time. Most people take pride in being an individual, then fall in line with the heard and the normal group society thinking like they are brainwashed and can’t help it. People are people, everyone is different in some way. What I can’t understand is why so many people seem to love a productive lush landscape and own such a boring one the see every day.

Permaculture Voices podcast and Permaculture Voices PV2 downloads

Permaculture voices podcast

I’m on a road trip up to PA to IN from Tennessee. I want to share with you a very neat and powerful tool I got from Permaculture Voices. I broke a few ribs two days before my wife and I where to get on the plane to go to the Permaculture PV2 conference. I did not think I could handle the plan ride without crying and whining, so I did not get to go. This was a real bummer for me, but looking forward to next year. What I got from Permaculture Voices was the total mp3 files from all the talks at PV2.
I think it was $99.00 or close to that. I payed and got the link to reach all the permaculture talks that I was hoping to hear in person. There has to be 70 to 80 hours of some really neat topics, concepts and permaculture inspiration.
I downloaded them all to my phone so I could listen to them in my vehicle or bluetooth. I have listened to many talks while playing out in the food forest, but on the road, these talks are pure gold. We all get bored while driving long distance. You can only listen to so much music or talk radio before boredom sets in. Now with all these cool topics, lessons and super cool people, Im wide awake and my brain is racing, thinking and soaking in the advice from people who live the permaculture lifestyle.
This afternoon, I was dragging and getting heavy eyes after several hours of driving. I started listening to Toby Hemenway explain Liberation Permaculture. What a awesome talk he gave. This talk alone was worth the price of all the talks that I paid for. If you home school, you will love this talk and will want you kids to have a grasp on the theme of this lecture.
If you think $99.00 is too much for your personal permaculture education, your not that serious about permaculture. I know that may sound harsh, but I do not say such things for shock value. I just see so many in permaculture worry so much about free or super cheap that they forget how valuable quality really is. Saving money is important, but sometimes spending money can save years and give one so much personal abundance that ….a cheaper is better mindset…… will never get to experience.
So if you want a high octane permaculture resource, check out www.permaculturevoices.com and trade some of your abundance for the great abundance you will receive from PV2.