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How sustainable farms might be destroying their income. Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden podcast 26

How sustainable farms might be destroying their income. Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden podcast 26


What is the real value set that brings in income for any farm? The farmer can have value, the farm can have value, but these two values are secondary to the true value that gives you, your income and gross sales on your the farm. If you look around the sustainable regenerative permaculture landscape, you will notice that a lot of farms make little money. Their systems are spot on, but they struggle on the income side. There can be several reasons for this, but a common pattern that shows up is that this farms put their energy into concepts that ignore the value that is life blood of every successful farm.
In the Lean system, value only comes from the customer. Value is not the business or the product. Anything that is not customer value is waste.
This brings us to today’s podcast. What does your customer value? Have you ever really though about this. Is it being in nature, farms that support wildlife, no chemicals, great tasting products, education, and more. My question is for modern sustainable farms, does your sexual preference matter to a customer buying blackberries from you? Does you religion? How about what you eat, vegan or meat eater? Do you think a customer wants to be insulted by being sprayed with topics of white privilege, colonialism, politics, identity politics like…everything is racism or male toxicity or even Nazi insults of some other group flowing through social justice concepts or virtue signaling rants? Have you every thought if the customer does not value the consent social warrior speak and preaching, is this preaching this is waste? Worse than that, average people will smile as they look for away to get away from you. They came to your farm or farm stand for their reasons, not the farmers. Why would a farm or farm web site think this is what customers value or even want to get preached at about social justice ideologies.
Your job in a free market is to value the value from the customer, if you don’t they will go elsewhere. If customers keep going elsewhere, you go out of business. It is your farm or garden, just be aware of how you are viewed from the values of the customer not what you think is the most important.

Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden podcast 1, Is permaculture just a socialist chick flick movie, the trailer yes, movie NO!

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Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden podcast 1, Is permaculture just socialist a chick flick movie, the trailer yes, movie NO!


This week we are asking a few questions about permaculture. What is real permaculture? What is the main style of marketing of permaculture today? Does this matter for regenerative farming and gardening as far as building up our design and living with nature believers. It seems like permaculture from the outside looking in, is like a movie trailer. What is the trailer saying about permaculture, can it better? is the marketing or movie trailer of permaculture building the ranks or regenerative permaculture or turning folks off. I say for the most part, if your a type R gene set, hyper liberalism is the best face to place on permaculture. If you like me as a type K gene set, this hyper liberalism is a turn off, just like President Trump is to the hyper liberal. This issue of mystical aggressive liberalism, except for the coasts and a few big cities is a loser with marketing permaculture, trying to sell over the top activism to most people is a epic fail.
This podcast may seem over the top to a lot of permaculture people, I truly understand this. The reason I am starting this podcast with such a topic is to explain who I am marketing permaculture too, and is not a very liberal social justice warrior. This podcast, I hope will explain this in detail. If you are offended by this podcast, The Regenerative Permaculture Farm and Garden podcast may not be for you. Permaculture is or should be uplifting, not a negative experience. So don’t listen if this podcast if it gives you hart burn. You have plenty of other material out there to enjoy.
I am not attacking anyone, or the very far left. I want everyone to be in permaculture or some ecological movement. The difference with us, is that we are not going to spend one second trying to talk or think like a social warrior. This would be dishonest for us and I don’t see how one person being dishonest with another person being in line with…..people care.